How do I request help or report abuse relating to my Domain?

Your Greenlight Power site can be accessed on multiple different web addresses (domains). You can register a brand new domain through your site's control panel (here we act as the registrar for you), or you can link a domain you already own to your site (these domains will have already been registered through a 3rd party registrar).

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about any of your domains then you need to raise these with the domain's registrar.


How do I know who is the registrar for my domain?

If you registered your domain through your site's control panel via Settings > Manage Website Domains > 'Register New Domain' then we are the registrar and you should contact us on the email address below for any assistance with this domain.

If you registered your domain through a 3rd party and then linked your domain to your site via Settings > Manage Website Domains > 'Add Registered Domain' then you will be paying a subscription to a seperate registrar to manage your domains. If you're not sure who this company is then you can query this public WHOIS database to find out more info.

If you're still unsure then just contact us on the details below and we will talk you through your options.


Greenlight Power are the Registrar... how do I get help or report abuse?

Just email us at if you have any questions or to report an abuse complaint related to your domain. You will receive a response by email within 3 business days. If you are not completely happy with our advice please email back stating you would like to escalate your complaint and we will arrange for senior management to respond within 3 working days.


Where can I find more information on my Greenlight Power Domain?

To find out which domains you can register through ourselves please read here.

If you would like to transfer your domain away to another registrar please read here.



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