Migration: Our API Endpoint is Changing

There is one more upcoming change to our APIs. The APIs are only used by our Enterprise customers and if you're not sure whether you use our APIs you most probably don't!

We are migrating our whole platform away from the powa.com domain overnight on the night of Tuesday 9th Aug / Weds 10th August. At this time the API endpoint will change from:https://api.powa.com/ws/soap/v2/ to https://api.gplshops.com/ws/soap/v2/.

API calls to our old URL will continue to work on the old URL:https://api.powa.com/ws/soap/v2/OrderService until Wednesday 24th August as we will maintain a 301 redirect from old to new.

After Wednesday 24th August all cals to our API must be made through the new domain:https://api.gplshops.com/ws/soap/v2/OrderService

We have already set up a short term 302 redirect form api.gplshops.com to api.powa.com which is active only until the morning of Weds 10th August and we will deactivate this and activate the reverse (from powa to gplshops) on this morning while we migrate. This means you are welcome to switch over the URL early to avoid any hassles.

Our deployment on the night of Tuesday 9th Aug / Weds 10th August will begin at 11pm on Tuesday might and could involve up to 6 hours of downtime.
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