How can I use the mailbox associated with my Swifty account?

Knowledgebase Articles: How can I use the mailbox associated with my PowaWEB account?

Every Powa account can operate multiple Mailbox accounts.

Login details for a mailbox can be accessed via the Swifty Dashboard:

1. Go to the Manage Settings screen.
2. Click on Manage Email Addresses.
3. Select corresponding email address and click on the View Mailbox Details button. 
There are 2 options on how to start using your mailbox:
First option - Webmail :
Configure your Gmail account to work with your Swifty mailbox account. Please see Configuring your Gmail account to retrieve mail from your Swifty mailbox for the instructions on how to do this.

Second option - Email Client :
Configure your email client by adding a new account.
If you have MS Outlook, please see the following article: How do I set-up my email?
If you have another email client, please take a look at the article as the process of adding a new account should be similar.


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