Migration: Are any of my email addresses changing?

By default, when you create a new site it comes with a default mailbox email address of:


As of Wednesday 10th August all Mailbox email addresses containing '.site.powa.com' will be changing and you will not be able to use this emails until you change your Outlook settings.

All mailbox email addresses of the form something@yourcompanyname.site.powa.com will change to something@yourcompanyname.gplshops.com.


Am I affected?

NOTE: You are not affected if you have linked your domain to a 3rd party (such as Google Apps / Office 365) for your email provision.

To check if you are affected login to your CMS: https://admin.gplshops.com/cms then:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Manage Settings > Manage Email Addresses.
  2. On the left is a list of the domain names associated with your online site, on the right are the email addresses that exist for that domain name.
  3. look down the domain list of the left and check for one that ends in '.site.powa.com'. If there is no such domain they you are safe! If there is such a domain then please select it.
  4. Now look for any @yourcompanyname.site.powa.com email addresses on the right that have an Email Delivery type of Mailbox. You can safely ignore the other 'autoforward' email addresses.
  5. If you have any of these 'Mailbox' email addresses configured in your email Client (ie Outlook, MacMail, Smartphone, etc) then you will have to change your email client settings as soon as possible after the morning of 10th August in order to continue to use these email addresses.
  6. If you have given these email addresses to any of your suppliers, friends or customers then you will have to inform them of your change of address too!

To find the new settings to use in your email client please double click on the email address in your CMS as soon as possible after the morning of 10th August.

NOTE: Please update your email address and username settings in outlook, the rest of the setting sshould stay the same. Please note in the CMS it tells you to use pop.powamail.com and smtp.powamail.com as your imcoming/outgoing mail settings - this is incorrect, please use mail.greenlightpower.net for both incoming and ourgoing server. All other settings in the CMS are correct.

And for more help on configuring your email account in outlook please see the newly updated full Outlook setup article.


What if i set my order confirmation emails and Enquiry form emails to come to this address?

Don't worry we'll update these settings as we make this change so they will automatically point to the new updated email addresses. All you have to do is update the your email client if you still use these emails and we'll do the rest.



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