Migration: Updating your Google Merchant Centre Site URL

If you use our automated feed to Google Merchant Centre then you will have authenticated your site's URL in your Google account in order to verify ownership of your site.
It is possible that when you entered your site's URL into your Google control panel that you used the 'Secure' URL for your site: https://yourcompnayname.site.powa.com
On Wednesday August 9th 2016 your Secure URL will change from https://yourcompanyname.site.powa.com to https://yourcompanyname.gplshops.com 
Please use the following instructions to double check the URL you are using and if your URL contains 'site.powa.com' then you will need to change to a future-proof one as soon as possible. You do not need to wait until the 9th, you can do it straight away!

Step 1: Checking your account in Google Merchant Center

1. Login to Google using your Google credentials. You should be redirected to the general settings page. If not click here: https://merchants.google.com/Home?#basicsettings

2. In the What's your wesbite? field please check whether your URL contains site.powa.com.
If your URL is of the form: https://yourcompanyname.site.powa.com then you need to change it by using the steps below. If it looks like your main home page URL without 'site.powa.com' (like mine does in the screenshot above) then you are safe and you need take no further action.
3. If you do need to change your URL then scroll down, click "Edit" and then go back to this field and type in the address of your shop's homepage. Please enter the main URL of your home page without the "/index.html" bit. For example: "http://www.bobsflorists.co.uk"
4. Then save your changes, fild the field again and you should see a "Claim your website" link. Chick this link and you should see two green ticks.

Step 2:  Re-Authorise Publishing from Your CMS

1. Login to your Control Panel using the main URL: https://admin.gplshops.com/cms.

2. Open Manage Catalogue
3. Click on Edit Google Merchant Center Settings

NOTE: If you have used GMC before you would expect to see a "Reauthorise Publishing" button and not"Authorise Publishing" as in the image above.

4. Click the Reauthorise Publishing button. then click done and follow the instructions.
Once done you should see the following popup:

5. Finally please publish your site to confirm all changes.
For the full article on setting up GMC form scratch see: Configuring your site to publish product to Google Merchant Center
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