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We have launched the Designer Program, which will allow you or a designer, to create a bespoke template and upload it to use with your Swifty online shop.

IMPORTANT: Greenlight Power does not provide support for changes made to the CSS of templates.  Please do not request CSS support from our support desk as your request will be refused.  You should only attempt CSS changes if you have good CSS skills.  Access to CSS is provided strictly for Designers, Developers and Shop Owners with good CSS skills.

I am a Designer/Developer/Shop owner with good CSS skills and would like to access the CSS for a standard template
2. Then follow our PTMT User Guide
The Template Management Tool is a Firefox plugin and instructions on how to install and work with this tool are available on the Developer Resources Section.
What changes can be made to a Template?
As well as standard CSS changes which can be made, the Template files also provide access to change:
  • Thumbnail image size
  • Product Detail image size
  • Enlarge Product image size
  • The number of products per row for a Product List
  • The number of products per row for a Featured Product List
  • The number of categories listed per row for Category pages
Is there a test environment for to try out template changes?
Yes.  All members of the Developer Resources Section can request a sandbox account.  To request a sandbox account please raise a new case here on the Customer Success Centre (or by emailing successteam@greenlightpower.netproviding your full name and valid email address.

Login details will be issued within 24 working hrs. 
The sandbox environment mirrors the majority of functionality available on the standard production environment.  Limitations are indicated on in the Developer Community.
A limit of 3 custom templates can be uploaded to a Swifty dashboard account (this applies to both the sandbox and production environment).  When a bespoke template is uploaded to a dashboard account, standard templates are no longer available for selection in Manage Website > Change Website Template.  If you wish to select an alternative Standard template this can be done using the Power Template Management Tool and by uploading the selected template to the relevant Dashboard account.


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