Installing the PTMT - Greenlight Power Template Management Tools


To find out more on what the PTMT is used for, see: Using a bespoke design template

As well as good HTML/CSS skills you also need to have the following:
  • version 41 of firefox installed (The latest version of firefox is currently not supported)
    • NOTE If you already have a later version installed then download from the above link then choose "custom install" and install into a different directory. As soon as you open this older version please go into Options --> Advanced --> Updated --> tick "Never check for updates..." to ensure it stays on v41!
  • The Latest Power Template Management Tool (PTMT) - This is a FireFox Plugin in the form of a .xpi file and there is a download link at the bottom of this article
  • Your username and Password for your site's Control Panel
If you do not have the PTMT file or a Swifty account then please contact the Service Desk by raising a case on the Customer Success Centre
Please download the latest version of the PTMT below (it is attached to this article)
Ensure the that you are using version 41 of firefox and not the latest version!
Install the PTMT by simply clicking & dragging the PTMT .xpi file into your Firefox browser

For more information on how to use the PTMT see: Downloading and Uploading Bespoke Templates using the PTMT - Power Template Management Tool


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