How do Ukash refunds work?

FAQ: How do Ukash refunds work?

Important note for developers and shop owners who use bespoke templates

To use Ukash as a payment method you must have the generic template version 11 installed (or greater). Please see the Template Version Control article for more information on the generic template version.

Ukash refunds can only be issued to orders that were paid for using Ukash vouchers.

To issue a Ukash refund, please go to:

-    Swifty site Control Panel > Sales > Manage Orders
-    Locate the order paid by the Ukash voucher redemption and click ‘Edit Order’
-    Select ‘Issue Refund’ from the Payment and Refund dropdown field

As a result, the following will happen:

-    A refund for a full order amount will be issued to the customer in a form of a 19 digit ready-to-spend PIN code.
-    The customer will receive a refund confirmation email with the details of a new Ukash voucher code.
-    The customer may also receive an Order Status Update email if this setting is enabled on your shop.
-    If your shop has ‘Customer Account’ pages enabled, new Ukash voucher code details will also be displayed in the ‘View Orders’ screen under the Payment Status column .
-    The customer can print the new Ukash voucher details from the refund confirmation email or by following the link ‘Print Ukash voucher’ on the ‘View Order’ screen.

There will also be changes to the order and a credit note in the Control Panel once the Ukash refund has been issued, these are:

-    The credit note will display a Ukash Transaction reference
-    The ‘Edit Order’ dialog screen/Order history tab for both the original order and a credit note will have a record of a Ukash Transaction reference, together with new Ukash voucher details.

Below is an example of the Print Ukash voucher dialog window.

Here is a copy of a standard Ukash refund confirmation email to the customer:

From:%'From' email address specified by a merchant in the Edit Email Notification Settings%
To:%customer's email address taken from his Billing Details%
Subject: Refund Confirmation – %order number%
Email Body:
Dear %first name% %last name%,

There is an update on your order %order number% with %site name%.

A refund of %currency_code% %refund total% has been credited to you by issuing a Ukash code. Below are your Ukash voucher details, please keep them safe:

VOUCHER VALUE: %currency_code% %amount% 
VOUCHER NO: %code%
USE BY: %date%

For any queries or to find out where to spend your Ukash voucher please visit

Once again thank you for your interest in %site name% and we look forward to you visiting our site soon.

Kind regards,

%site name% 
Customer Service Team

•    For more information about Ukash, please read the Take Payments Online: Ukash KB article.
•    To start using Ukash payment method on your Swifty online shop, please read the How to setup Ukash Payment Method KB article


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