How to setup PayPal Standard with Payflow Pro

How-To: How to setup PayPal Standard with Payflow Pro

Step 1: Verify your PayPal account

Login to your PayPal account at
Verify your PayPal account

To get Verified, PayPal asks you to provide your debit or credit card or bank or funding details. They then make sure that you are in control of your bank account or card, which helps to prevent fraud such as identity theft. Verification also enables you to:
  • Send and receive as many PayPal payments as you like
  • Easily withdraw more money from your PayPal account to your bank account

Step 2: Adjust your PayPal account settings to accept payments through your Swifty site

Select  My Account > Profile from the main menu, click on My selling preferences, find API access and click Update

Select the option Set up API credentials and permissions

Enter in the required field and click Lookup

Tick the following 6 check boxes and click Add:


A page confirming third party access will be shown:

Step 3: Enable Payflow Pro on your PayPal Account

Select My Account > Profile from the main menu, click on My selling preferences, find API access and click Up

Select the option Set up Payflow Pro API access


Select the option Set up Payflow Pro API access

These values from the PayPal Payflow Pro information correspond with the Swifty control panel, Edit Payment window in the following way:

PayPal PayFlow Pro value label

Swifty Control Panel > Edit Payment Method value label

Additional information



entered by default as PayPalUK










IMPORTANT NOTE: If the USER and VENDOR values generated by Payflow Pro are the same, please click the Create Access button to generate a second set of values. Please USE ALL SECOND values generated.

Step 4: Enable and configure your IPN to ensure your site recognises all orders
Under My Selling preferences , find Instant Payment Notification and click Update

  • Follow the instructions on screen to enable Instant Payment Notifications
  • Finally Enable "Receive IPN messages" and click save
  • You will be required to set up a notification URL which will be personal to you and should look like the following...
To generate your own personal notification URL:
  1. Go to your home page and and look at your site URL at the top of your browser. If you see "/engine/shop" at the end then please use the bottom of the two URLs, otherwise please use the top one. If in doubt please use the top one.
  2. Then go to your checkout pages and you should see the URL at the top of your browser change to something like, only instead of saying YOURSITE it will say a prefix specific to your site. Please use this prefix in place of YOURSITE in the URL you chose in step 1 to generate your personal notification URL. 
  3. Please note that your notification URL should begin http:// and not https://


Step 5: Adjust your Swifty Payment Method settings


Login to the Swifty Dashboard at

Go to button > Settings > Manage Payment Methods and click the > Add Payment Payment Method

Select the option to add PayPal and click the Next button 

Enter the Payment Method name, email address and Payflow Pro details registered to your PayPal account, then click Done

To check whether PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Payflow Pro have been integrated successfully or not, please click on the 'Validate PayPal Integration' button.

PayPal Payflow Pro and PayPal Express Checkout have now been successfully added to your Swifty account and will be available on your website when you are ready to publish it.
Please see the following article for more information on how to enable 3D-Secure authentication for your shop see: How to enable 3D-Secure authentication for PayPal Payments using a Cardinal Commerce merchant


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