How can I upgrade a bespoke template to the latest version of the generic template?

FAQ: How can I upgrade a bespoke template to the latest version of the generic template?

For help with Installing the PTMT see: Installing the PTMT - Greenlight Power Template Management Tools

To open the PTMT simply open FireFox then click the Greenlight Power logo in the top right hand corner on the Status bar.
If the Status Bar is not visible on your Firefox browser, click 'View' and then 'Status Bar' to show the Status Bar.

The process of synchronization is as follows:

1. In the PTMT click 'Server Settings' and log in using your Swifty Control Panel username and password 
2. Click 'Select Template' and select the site template you would like to upgrade
3. Click 'Select Directory' and choose an empty directory on your computer to store the template 
NOTE:We suggest you choose a new empty directory as all contents and subdirectories will be deleted when you click "Download Template"
4. Click 'Download Template'.
5. To ensure the template files are writable, right-click on the Template folder on your computer, select Properties, deselect the "Read-only" option in Attributes and click Apply.
6. Click on 'Sync Generic' and the following message should appear: 'Update completed'. That means the Sync has gone through.
6a. If you have made changes to either generic.css or genericIE.css, these files may be overridden by the upgrade, so following message will be shown: 
"Important: The generic css files (generic.css, genericIE.css) have been modified for this template. Click 'Continue' to save a backup of the local generic css files in %LOCAL_TEMPLATE_FOLDER%/.backup and proceed with synchronization.". 
Click 'Continue' to save a backup of generic CSS files. The following message will be shown:
"A backup of the locally modified generic css files was saved to %LOCAL_TEMPLATE_FOLDER%/.backup. Please note, templates with modified generic css cannot be added."
After that click on 'Sync Generic' to start the synchronization. 
7. Click on 'Update Website Template' for the changes to be applied to the current shop template.


- T
here is a known issue that the 'The current website template can be upgraded ...' message disappears only if you re-login to the shop
- When clicking on 'Download template', you may get the following error message: "Unable to unpack downloaded template". Please ignore this message because your template folder will be created and all the files will be there anyway.
- When clicking on 'Sync Generic' the following message may pop up: '
The template already uses the latest generic template version'. That means the sync has gone through.

Important note for MAC users

All folders which names start with (.) are not visible in Finder by default. In order to access the files in the .backup folder, please go to Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and type the following:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE 
killall Finder 

After that all hidden files will be displayed in Finder.

Important Note About Upgrading

When you upgrade your template to the latest version then you are exposing your bespoke code to the latest set of features and bug fixes available in Swifty. It is possible (though unlikely) that some of the bespoke features on your site will be negatively affected by these changes. Unfortunately Greenlight Power is not able to take responsibility for and changes of fixes that need to be applied to your bespoke code as a result of upgrading. If you did not personally develop your bespoke template then please have your developer on call on the off chance that the upgrade does cause any problems. Always perform a thorough test of your site from a customer's point of view immediately after upgrading, and we would advise placing a small test transaction through your site as part of your testing.


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