Managing orders across multiple Swifty stores

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If you have multiple Swifty platform stores, you may prefer to consolidate all orders  in one place. This can be achieved by using Tradebox. 

Tradebox is the UK’s number one solution for integrating eCommerce platforms into Sage. If you have one of 5 Sage accounting packages you can use Tradebox to integrate easily with it.

  • Sage Instant Accounts
  • Sage Instant Accounts Plus
  • Sage 50 Accounts
  • Sage 50 Accounts Plus
  • Sage 50 Accounts Professional

Even if you don’t have Sage yet, it is still an interesting option as you can take the basic package (Sage Instant Accounts) and implement that as the centralised control panel for orders. You can get  a discount on the Sage solution if you have a Swifty platform account. For this, you should email to get details and discounts and mention you are a Swifty customer.

There is a video of Tradebox and Sage in action which will give you a good overview of how the software works. This can be accessed at .


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