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Here is a checklist to run through before you publish your online shop.

1. Add or register a domain name for your online shop

It's easy to give your store a web address; we have a video tutorial as well as written instruction in this Knowledgebase Article: Editing your Email Notification Settings in PowaWeb

If you already have a domain registered from another provider then you'll also need this article to walk you through the extra steps you need to take with them: How to point an already registered Domain to PowaWEB

When you first create your shop account using the Setup Wizard a sub-domain is allocated to your account. It's a good idea to use this to publish your shop for test purposes.

2. Setup online payment methods

It is advisable to apply for your PayPal/Barclaycard ePDQ account well in advance of your go live date as this can (depending on workload) take some time to be approved. When you're ready make sure it has been integrated to your Powa Dashboard account. We have knowledge-base articles available on how to do this:

How to setup PayPal Website Payment Standard

How to setup PayPal Express Checkout

How to setup PayPal Website Payment Pro

Take Payments Online: Introduction to Barclaycard ePDQ

Working with Orders

When you configure your PayPal account, you must stipulate the authorisation setting, assigning either Sale or Authorised. If you have selected Sale, this means that as soon as an order is placed, funds are acquired from your customer's debit/credit card straight away. If the option Authorised is selected, this means that when you receive an order you must manually accept or reject the order so that funds are then acquired from the customer's debit/credit card. People use this facility so they can check the authenticity of customer details, to ensure items are in stock before acquiring the payment or just to acquire payment only when goods have been shipped.

The same Accept/Reject process is applied when an order is placed using an offline payment method.

Use the order status to indicate the progression of an order the fulfillment process.

3. SEO Settings

Ensure you have entered SEO information. To do this go to:

Manage Website > Edit SEO Settings

Enter your Site Name - this is used as the Site Title - and all relevant keywords. It's advisable to publish your site, with keywords as quickly as possible (even if you only have a few products published), as it can take up to 6 weeks for your site to become indexed with search engines. You can also customise SEO information on a per page and per product basis. For more information please see Getting started with SEO

4. Google Analytics

If you want to track visitors to your website and how they navigate their way through your site, then you should have a Google Analytics account set-up. If you haven't yet got a Google Analytics account, you can sign up here.

If you have an account and are not sure a) what your account number is or b) how to add Google Analytics to your PowaWEB Site, then we have a knowledge base article which can help you:

How to find your Google Analytics account number

5. Set up your Email

Within the PowaWEB Dashboard you can create mailboxes and email addresses.

We have a knowledge base article to help you set-up your email as required:

How do I set-up my email?

6. Edit Email Notification Settings

These settings will allow you to configure the email addresses used when PowaWeb sends notification emails to you and your customers. These are sent out when new orders are placed and when the customer submit's the contact-us form on your site. Your control panel will not allow you to Publish until you cave completed these settings.

This simple process, including a how-to video is detailed in this quick Knowledgebase Atricle: Editing your Email Notification Settings in PowaWeb

7.  Shipping Methods

Create Shipping Methods to be automatically applied to Online Customer purchases: go to the PowaWEB Dashboard > Manage Settings > Manage Shipping Methods. See Working with Shipping Methods for more information

8. Products

Start to add your products: go to the PowaWEB Dashboard > Manage Catalogue > Manage Products. You should have all Product Information prepared as well as the required Product Images. Please see How do I add products to the Powa Control Panel?

If you wish to publish your products to Google Merchant Center (aka Google Base or Google Product Search), please follow the steps described in a separate KB article: Publishing Products to Google Base (Google Merchant Center)

9.  Site Content

Display content on your website pages: go to the PowaWEB Dashboard > Manage Website > Edit Website. Here you can add your standard information such as About Us, Terms and Conditions, plus your Category pages. Please see: How do I add a contact us or enquiry page

As part of the Site Setup Wizard, you are asked to select from one of the standard templates available.  If you would prefer a bespoke design, Bespoke Templates can be created.  If you have Design resources available to you, please invite your designer to join our Developer Community to download the Template Management Tool.  Alternatively, contact a Design Provider for a bespoke template quote.  Contact us on the customer support team for a suitable Design Provider for your needs..

Finally, preview your website and when you're happy with your site click Publish. 

Once published, the site can be suspended. See Temporary site closure for more information. 


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