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Field weighting allows greater importance to be placed on certain fields compared to others. This is especially useful in the case of product names versus product descriptions. If a user searches for a term that appears in the name of one product and the description of another one, the product whose name matches should be returned higher in the results than the one that only matches the description. This logic can also be applied to other parts of the products' information, if it is available, such as the brand name or any custom attribute/option which is indexed for search.

Weight is an integer number specifying the weight this field has in the search. If set to 0, the field contents will not be searchable. Technically it's possible to define a very large value for the field weight, however, a recommended value is between a 10-15 range. The maximum allowed value for field weight is 100.

The order of the products returned on the search results pages is determined by the search criteria and fields’ weights which are defined using the default recommended values for all merchants.

If you would like to edit search fields weights, please contact the Greenlight Power team.

Below is a table with the recommended/default search weights from Swifty:

Data Field Default Search Weight
Product Name 5
Short Description 2
Full Description 2
Brand 4
Category 4
Price 0
Weight 0
Product Custom Attribute 3
Product Choice List Option Value  3
Product SKU 1
Product Choice List Option SKU 1

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