Can I upgrade publishing to Google Merchant Center?

FAQ: Can I upgrade publishing to Google Merchant Center?

Following the changes made to the Google Base API, we have reworked our integration correspondingly. 

Information about the Google Base API changes can be found here 

Starting from 1.07.2011 Google Merchant Center will stop accepting products posted via it's previous integration, therefore existing merchant who authorised publishing before the system update release in June 2011, will need to Upgrade their integration manually from the PowaWEB Dashboard.

To Upgrade publishing and relist your products to Google Merchant Center, please follow the steps:

Step 1Upgrade Publishing 

1. Go to Manage Catalogue and click on Edit Google Merchant Center Settings
2. Click on Upgrade Publishing
3. Click Yes to continue with the upgrade.
4. In the new window enter your Google Merchant Center account ID and click Done.

5. You will automatically be taken to the Login page for your Google Account.

6. Login to your Google Account

7. Click the 'Grant Access' button. You will be automatically returned to the PowaWEB Dashboard

8. On the notification 'Publishing to Google Merchant Center has been successfully upgraded', click 'OK'

Note: If you received the error message saying 'Google Merchant Center Authorisation failed.' instead of the above message, this means that entered account ID doesn't correspond to the ID of the account for which access was granted. Please enter the correct account ID to proceed with the upgrade.

9. Select the Publish Products to Google Merchant Center radio button and click Done.

Step 2Remove products from Google Merchant Center and set up shipping

1. Please go to and login to your Google Account by clicking on 'Sign in to Merchant Center' button
2. Go to Products. If there are any products, please delete them manually.
3. After that go to General > Tax and shipping and create the appropriate shipping method. 
Starting from 1.09.2011 (previously communicated date was 6.06.2011), this information will be required for feeds targeting the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany. See . Though we strongly recommend that you implement shipping methods on GMC ahead of this time.

For the instructions, please refer to Google Merchant Center: Setting up Shipping methods
Step 3Add Unique Identifiers and the Product Type attribute to your products

Starting from 20.06.2011, unique identifiers for all products except apparel and one-of-a-kind items will be required. See .

By default our system passes 'Brand' to Google Merchant Center, so you will need to add GTIN and/or MPN attributes to your products manually, depending on which Product Type you associate with your product. See here for more details.

1. In the PowaWEB Dashboard go to Manage Catalogue > Manage Products > Edit Product > Custom Attributes.
2. Click on Add Attribute to create corresponding attributes. The expected format (name/value) can be found here: 

For example, if you need to add the ISBN attribute, you will need to enter gtin as the custom attribute name and, e.g., 0451524233 as its value.

3. By default the system pass 'n/a' as the value for the Product Type attribute, so where appropriate we recommend you override this value by adding a custom attribute with the name 'product_type' to your products. The expected value format can be found here

For example, if your product is assigned to the "Accessories" category, you will need to enter product_type as the custom attribute name and Home > Accessories as its value.

See also Google Merchant Center -Unique Product Identifiers Custom Product Attributes and What custom attributes can be passed to Google Merchant Center for more information on this topic.

Step 4. Publish your site 

Publish your site for your products to be re-listed to Google Merchant Center automatically. 


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