Standard Templates

Reference: Standard Templates

There are 22 standard templates which you may use free of charge as a part of our service.  Preview images of the templates are displayed below.

If none of our templates exactly suit your requirements, you have the option of creating a Bespoke Template.  Our Developer Community provides a Template Management Tool.  Developer Community membership is free, as are all the tools and services available from the Developer Community. 

1. If you have an in-house designer within your organisation or you have good CSS skills, please register on our Developer Resources Section and download the Template Management Tool.

2. If you have a preferred designer or design agency who you work with, please invite them to register on our Developer Resources Section and download the Template Management Tool.

3. If you have no design resource available to you, please raise a new case with our customer support team and we will put you in touch with a design provider who can provide this service for you.

Design Providers can create complete bespoke templates or will provide a rate for simply modifying a standard template, should you require only minor changes.


All Colour (template id is 4)

Amethyst (template id is 22)

Artistic (template id is 13)

Cool Business (template id is 1)

Cosmetics (template id is 12)

Eco (template id is 21)

Fashion White (template id is 10)

Fashion (template id is 3)

Funky (template id is 2)

Lagoon (template id is 17)

Light Grey (template id is 25)

Media (template id is 23)

Plain Colour (template id is 5)

Professional Red (template id is 14)

Professional (template id is 8)

Relaxed Grey (template id is 18)

Relaxed (template id is 15)

Simple Gradient (template id is 6)

Sport (template id is 9)

Techno (template id is 24)

White Diamond (template id is 11)

Wood (template id is 16)


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