How can I display different product colours / sizes?

FAQ: How can I display different product colours / sizes?

If you are selling items that come in different sizes or colours you should use the Choice List functionality which is available in:

1. Catalogue > Manage Products > Add/Edit Product > Product Options
2. Click on Add Option and select the Choice List option.
3. Assign a name to the Choice List group, e.g. Size
4. Now begin adding the values for the choice list.  As part of the the values, you should assign the individual size values and any quantities relating to the size and any price differential from the original product price (IMPORTANT: The value entered is ADDED to the standard product price)
5. Click Done to complete

You can use this feature to add:
- A pair of shoes in different sizes
- A pair of earrings that differ in size and therefore has different prices applicable.

If you wish stock controls to be applied to the stock quantities assigned for product options for the product, click on Stock Control and activate Product Option stock control for this product. Please note that in this case 'Online Shopper must select from the Choice List to purchase Product' checkbox should be ticked.

If the price field has been left blank or is "0.00", when a customer selects a particular size to purchase, e.g. size 4, this is displayed as "4"  with no price displayed indicating that there is no additional charge with this selection. 

In the Dashboard:


Please see the following article for more information on Product Options: How to work with Product Options



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