How to customise the Order Status Update email

How-To: How to customise the Order Status Update email

To customise the Order Status Update email sent to customers, please do the following:

Note: Only the header and footer of the email message can be customised via the Swifty platform Control Panel.  Email's Subject and Body can be changed via PTMT (see How can I customise translations for my shop? )

1. Go to Sales > Customise Email Notifications

2. Text sections are displayed containing the default Header and Footer content for the Order Status Update Email

3. Edit the Header and Footer sections and use the WYSIWYG text editor to format your content

4. Click 'Done' to complete

5. Publish the site for the changes to be applied

Content of the email is the following: 

Subject: Order %OrderNumber% Status Update: order is %NewOrderStatus%
Email Body:

%Header Content%

The status for your order %Order Number% has been updated to %NewOrderStatus%.

%Footer Content% 


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