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There are some restrictions when using Google Merchant Center.  Some of these are imposed by the PowaWEB Service and others are related to the Google Merchant Center service itself.

Google Merchant Center restrictions:

1. The display order of product attributes, i.e. Product Name, Product ID, Price etc. in Google Product search results is fixed and cannot be amended. Google Merchant Center users adding products manually can customise the display order of attributes.

2. Your Products are published to Google Merchant Center with an expiry date: ('Publish Date' + 29 days) which means that in 29 days the product status on Google Merchant Center will be changed to 'Disapproved items' and won't be available in the google base search.

To avoid your product status changing on Google Merchant Center, we recommend that you publish your website at least once every 29 days.  Each time you publish your website (when Google Merchant Center is enabled), products are automatically published to Google Merchant Center.

3. Products with price less than 0.1 are added to inactive items after publishing to Google Merchant Center.

If the value of a product in your catalogue is less than value 0.1 (e.g. 10 pence, or 10 cents), when the product is published to Google Merchant Center, products of this value (or less) are given a status of inactive items.

4. Non-empty Product Full Description is a required attribute for Google Merchant Center.

5. Only one product in the set of products with the same name is found in Google Base search

Google Merchant Center only accepts unique product names when products are automatically submitted.  If any product names are the same (exactly the same), Google Merchant Center will only record and index the first product with that name.  To avoid this issue, please ensure all products have unique Product Names.

6. A limited number of countries is supported in Google Merchant Center.

Please see the list of available countries here:

7. Most currencies available in the PowaWEB Control Panel 'Edit Currency Settings' are not supported by Google Merchant Center.

Please see the list of supported currencies here:

8. Product Names with 3 characters or less

Product Names with 3 characters or less are not included in Google Merchant Center product import.

9. How long does it take for my products to appear in Google's Product Search?

Once you have added your products to Google Merchant Center it can take up to 24hrs for your products to be indexed by Google and appear in Google's Product Search results.

If your products aren't included in Google Product Search, please review the following article to see Google's suggestions on this matter:


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