How to add the 'More Info' link

How-To: How to add the 'More Info' link

Important note for developers and shop owners who use bespoke templates:

This functionality is only available for templates that have the generic template version id=2 or greater. Please see Template Version Control for more information on the generic template version

If the 'Thumbnail Image Grid' products display (Edit Website > Format Product Display > Category Products) is chosen for your site, then it is possible to display the 'More Info' link, along with the 'Buy' button, for all product lists (Category Page, Search Results Page, Brands Page, Featured Products list). On clicking the 'More Info' link, the visitor is taken to the Product Details Page.

A new version of the generic.css file (generic template version = 2 or greater) contains a new class .moreInfo { display: none; } 

For the More Info link to be shown on the site, you should add either .moreInfo { display: block; }or .moreInfo { display: inline; } to the common-render.css file and apply this change to the shop template.

Default display of the More Info link:


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