How to link to a file

How-To: How to link to a file

Creating a link to a file:

1. In Edit Website > Edit Page click on the pen icon to edit the text and image page section or in Edit product go to the Product Full/Short Description (or any other place with the inline editor)
2. Enter the text or image to be used for the link and highlight it
3. Click on the Create Link button in the WYSIWYG editor  

4. The Link dialog window is launched
5. Select 'Upload File'
7. Click the 'Browse ...' button to select a file located on your computer (the maximum file size is 10 MB)
8. Click 'Done' to complete

Files with the following extensions can be uploaded via the Add Link > File Upload:


When a link of this type is clicked on the site, the "Save As" dialog window should appear if the "Open Link in New Browser Window" check box wasn't ticked. Otherwise the corresponding file will be opened in a new window (e.g. if it is a PDF file) or by an appropriate program (e.g. if it is a movie file). Please note, that  some browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari) may not open the "Save As" dialog window, but download the file automatically instead.


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