How do I export my orders?

FAQ: How do I export my orders?

To export your orders, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to Sales > Manage Orders and click on the Download Orders button

2.1. To download all orders listed in the grid, select the 'Listed below' option
2.2. To download orders via a date range, please select the 'Specify Date Range...' option, set start and end dates and click Done.
3. The file will be downloaded to your computer (please ensure that your browser doesn't block file downloading). To help with your filing the file name given is in the following format YYYYMMDD-HH-MM-Orders.csv
If a number of order items is more than 100, a confirmation screen will be displayed requesting confirmation to proceed
4. Open the CSV file.  It will have the following format:

.csv file contains the following columns:

OrderNo, OrderDate(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format ), Status, PaymentStatus, InvoiceNo, ShippingName, ShippingMethodReference, CardType, PaymentMethodID, PaymentStatusCode, PaymentName, Subtotal, Shipping, Total, VAT,

OrderItemSKU, OrderItemOptions, OrderItemName, OrderItemQuantity, OrderItemPrice, OrderItemSubTotal,

BillingTitle, BillingFirstName, BillingLastName, BillingCompanyName, BillingAddressLine1, BillingAddressLine2, BillingCounty, BillingTown, BillingCountry, BillingPostCode, BillingPhone, BillingEmail,

ShippingTitle, ShippingFirstName, ShippingLastName, ShippingCompanyName, ShippingAddressLine1, ShippingAddressLine2, ShippingCounty, ShippingTown, ShippingCountry, ShippingPostCode, ShippingPhone, ShippingEmail,

OrderDiscount, ProductWeight, OrderItemPurchasePrice, OrderItemCostPrice, Marketing opt-in (*)

(*) - this field is reserved for future development, so your customers won’t see this option on the front end for now.

Important information regarding Export Orders:

  • A .csv file can be utilised to import order information into 3rd party programs such as Sage Line 50
  • A .csv file can be resaved as an MS Excel file
  • Full refunds initiated via the Powa Dashboard generate a Credit Note, which are also exported.  To identify rows which represent Credit Notes, please search in the "OrderItemName" column for the value 'Full Refund'
  • The 'OrderItemPurchase' price includes product discount, option prices and taxes 
  • OrderDate display could be different per PC and per Excel version and not include date or time, so the following steps should be performed as soon as a .csv file is opened:
  • Select all cell values for OrderDate column.
  • Right-click on selected cells, select Cell Style from the context menu.
  • Select appropriate data format and click Ok (e.g. yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss ).

Using Export Orders csv file when shipping parcels 

A .csv file can be utilised to import order information into 3rd party order fulfilment services


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