How do I display products on the home page?

FAQ: How do I display products on the home page?

You can add products to the middle section of the home page (or any page) by including a Featured Products. 

1. Login to your Swifty platform site > Manage Website > Edit Website
2. In the Website Map tab, ensure the Home page is selected
3. Now, ensure the Page Sections tab is selected. Under the Product Catalogue you will see the Featured Products page section.
4. Switch to the Edit Page tab. Select the Featured Products page section, then drag and drop the Featured Products page section to the middle column of the home page 
5. Click on the Pen icon
6. A complete list of your products is displayed for you to select from
7. Move required products using the > arrow ( featured products will be displayed on the page according to the order in which they have been added to the list )
8. Click 'Done' when you are finished

NOTE: When displaying a Featured Product list in the middle column of a page, it is also possible to place a second Featured Product list in either the right or left hand column to display a completely separate list of products.


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