How can I export / import my shop?

How-To: How can I export / import my shop?

If you would like to create a copy of your existing shop, please contact Swifty platform support to organise this for you. You must have purchased an additional site subscription from Swfty in order for this request to be fulfilled. 

Please note: A convenient time slot needs to be scheduled in for a site export/import during which some of the operations on your shop will be prohibited and an error message will be served if you try to proceed with the changes: "Unable to proceed with this request whilst other tasks are running. Please try again later."

You must provide the username of your new site account to the Swifty platform support as part of your copy site request.

The following list of operations will be locked during a site export/import:

•    API integrations, add / delete / update
•    CSV product, export / import
•    Google base settings, update
•    Google analytics settings, update
•    Edit Webmaster Verification, update
•    Promotions, add / delete / update
•    Regions, add / delete / update
•    Shipping, add / delete / update
•    Website structure, page sections (page add / delete / update, sections add / delete / update)
•    Taxes, add / delete / update
•    Change password
•    Brand, add / delete / update
•    Domains, add / delete / update
•    eBay settings, products add / delete / update
•    Email management, add / delete / update
•    Publish
•    Grid rows per page settings, save

Here are the rules applied to shop export/import functionality:

-    Source and destination shops must be on the same generic version 
-    Content only shop cannot be copied over to ecommerce shop
-    Destination shop should have passed a website setup wizard
-    Maximum 10 categories, 10 related products, 10 alternative products, 5 product options and 10 custom attributes can be imported per product

Please note the following areas are excluded from the site export/import functionality:

- Products’ images
- Payment methods
- Shipping methods
- Taxes and regions
- Promotions
- API(s) configuration
- Any authorisations (Google Merchant, Google Analytics, webmaster verification)
- Emails
- Shop bespoke templates


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