How to create a Promotion

How-To: How to create a Promotion

Using the Promotions functionality you will be able to apply discounts to individual, multiple or all your products, create promotion codes for selected customer groups or distribute freely to generate traffic to your online shop.  
To create a promotion for selected products, please do the following:

  1. Click on the Add Promotion button in the Catalogue > Manage Promotions grid.
  2. The Add Promotion window will open.
  3. To apply a promotion to specific products, please select the Selected Products radio-button. Otherwise please select All Products in the Catalogue radio-button. Click Next to continue.

4. Name the promotion and tick the Activated by Promo Code check box to specify a promo code (if you want the promotion to be activated by a promo code). Specify the product price discount. Select to which products the promotion should be applied.

The full list of products appears in the column on the left. Use the > or >> arrows to select products to which the promotion should be applied. Click 'Done' to complete the promotion creation process.

4. Your newly created promotion will appear in the Manage Promotions grid.

Important Note:

If the promotion is applicable to All Products in the catalogue it means that it will be applied to existent and newly added products. The list of products in this case does not need to be updated after the promotion is created.
If the promotion is applicable to Selected Products, the product list can be modified after the promotion is created.
Automatic and Activated by Promo Code Promotions display

When automatic promotion is applied to a product, it means that this product will have two prices displayed on the Product Details page and in the product lists on the website: with applied discount and without discount.

Promo Code promotion will only be activated in the shopping cart when a customer submits correct Promo Code.

Active and Inactive Promotions

Promotion's status can be changed from active to inactive at any time by unticking Active Promotion check box. After you publish your shop, this promotion will be deactivated.
See related articles How do I edit, deactivate or delete a promotion? and Tips on Promotion Management for more information.


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