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If you need to add HTML to apply tracking code, display video, flash, or music it is now possible to do all these things.  To do this you must either apply an HTML page section to the required page or use HTML View in the 'Text And Image' section and then add the required code.

- Login to your Swifty platform site, go to Website > Edit Website and either add a new page or select an existing page from the Website Map

- Click on the Edit Page tab

First option:

1. Click on Page Sections to expand the list of all sections, find a HTML page section, drag & drop it to the required position on the page

2. To edit the new HTML page section, click on the pen icon and enter the required code

3. Click 'Done' to complete.

Second option:

1. Drag & drop a 'Text And Image' page section it to the required position on the page.

2. Click on the pen icon to start editing the section.

3. Click on the 'View HTML' button and enter the required code.

4. Click 'Done' to complete.

NOTE: Moving image files will not be displayed correctly in the Preview Page, but can be viewed in full from the Preview of the site launched by clicking the 'Preview Website' button.


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