Temporary site closure

FAQ: Temporary site closure

To suspend your site from being publicly available, please follow these steps:

1. In your Swifty platform site control panel, go to Website and click on the Suspend Website button

2. The following Confirmation message will be shown:

3. Click Yes to proceed

4. The Suspend Website button will become disabled and the following information will appear at the top of the Dashboard: "Website is suspended since %suspension date%. Please publish website to re-open website for trading."

A 'The website is temporarily closed. Please try again later.' message will be displayed online

5. Click on the Publish Website button to re-open the site for trading


1. While the shop is suspended Google may re-index your site. Since there is no content available online, Google may remove previous content from its internal index and the site may not be displayed in Google search results.

After you republish your shop, the Google Site Map will be automatically published indicating to Google your site is available once again, and can be re-indexed.

2. eCommerce subscribers only:  Products previously published to Google Merchant Center will stay active during the 29 days' period from the publish date. On the expiry date the products will be removed from your Google Merchant Center account and will be posted again after the shop is published again.



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