How to add Gift Wrapping as a product option

How-To: How to add Gift Wrapping as a product option

The Check Box option is most applicable if you would like to include an additional paid for service, such as gift wrapping service.

To add a gift-wrapping option to a product, please do the following (the following must be applied to every product you wish to add the gift-wrapping option to):

1. Go to Catalogue > Manage Products
2. Next, click on Add/Edit Product
The Edit Product dialog window is launched. The Product Data screen is displayed by default.
3. Click on Product Options
4. Click on Add Option
The Add Option dialog window is launched
5. Select an Option (select the Checkbox option) from the list of available types and click 'Next' to continue.
6. Specify the Option Name (e.g.Gift Wrap), enter the price for the option (it will be added to the Product price). 
7. Click 'Done' to save changes.

Important Note:

Please note that you need to specify the price without any tax. Tax(es) will be calculated based on the Product price plus the sum of all Product Options selected by the Customer.

In the Dashboard:


Please see the following article for more information on Product Options: How to work with Product Options


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