How to work with Product Options

How-To: How to work with Product Options

Product Options are displayed on the Product Details Page. Available Product Options are as follows:

  • For additional services to be included as part of the product purchase such as additional insurance cover, giftwrapping services:
    • Use the Check Box option
  • To collect additional information about the Product from the Customer e.g. message to be delivered with the flowers, slogan to be printed on a T-Shirt
    • Use the Information Box option
  • To display variants such as Size and Colour
    • Use the Choice List option

How to add Product Options

1. Go to Catalogue > Manage Products
2. Next, click on Add Product
The Edit Product dialog window is launched. The Product Data screen is displayed by default.
3. Click on Product Options
4. Click on Add Option
The Add Option dialog window is launched
5. Select an Option you want to create from the list of available types and click 'Next' to continue.
6. Enter the Option's details.
Please see Using The Check Box Option, Using The Information Box Option and Using The Choice List Option for more details.
7. Click 'Done' to save changes

Using the Checkbox option:

The Check Box option is most applicable if you would like to include an additional paid for service, such as insurance or a gift wrapping service.

You can specify the Option Title (e.g. 12 month insurance) and price for the option to be added to the Product price.

Important Note:

Please note that you need to specify the price without any tax. Tax(es) will be calculated based on the Product price plus the sum of all Product Options selected by the Customer.

In the Dashboard:


Note: if you specify the product option(s) on the Product Details page, then displayed product price will be changed dynamically to reflect additional product option(s) price

Using the Choice List option:

The Choice List option is most appropriate if you wish to allow a Customer to select a particular preference relating to the variations of the Product, such as size or colour. For each Item from the list you can specify the Item title and Item price if required.

You can also force a Customer to select an option by ticking the 'Online Shopper must select from the Choice List to purchase Product'.

Adding Choice List items:

  1. Click the 'Add Choice' button.
  2. Enter choice SKU (it's not required, but we recommend to specify it + either all values must have a SKU present or none of the values should have a SKU present). Please note that SKU must be unique within the choice list options for a product.
  3. Enter choice Value (e.g. 'Yellow'). Please note that Value must be unique within the list.
  4. Enter choice quantity.
  5. Enter choice price (if applicable).
  6. Click 'Done' to save changes.
  7. Repeat steps 1-4 if more choices need to be added.

In the Dashboard:


Using the Information Box option:

The Information Box option is most appropriate if you wish to capture additional information from the customer. For example if your online shop sells flowers you can allow a Customer to specify the message to be delivered with the flowers.

You can specify the Option Name and Default Text displayed inside the information box as a hint for the information required to be provided by the Customer on the Product Details Page.

You can also force the customer to enter a value into the information box by ticking 'Online Shopper must enter Value to purchase Product'.

In the Dashboard:



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