Using Flash and Media

Reference: Using Flash and Media

We understand that you will wish to add to the content of your site to make it more appealing with additional images and content.  Flash content and other media content can be added using the HTML page section, where that content is hosted externally.

To embed a youtube video to your site, please add a value specified in the Embed field, associated with the video, to the HTML page section or Text and Image page section(View HTML tab):

To embed a .swf file to your site, please add corresponding <object> tag to the HTML page section or Text and Image page section(View HTML tab). This is a sample HTML code:

 <object  width="x" height="x" ><param name="movie" value="file_location" /><param name="quality" value="high" /><embed wmode="transparent" src="file_location" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="x" height="x"></embed></object>

 Where "file_location" is a valid flash file URL, e.g  "x" (for width/height) - desired size of the object in pixels, e.g.  width="400" height="300"


On how to add the HTML page section, please see the following article: Adding HTML to a website page

To upload a .swf file which is stored locally on your computer, please click the Insert Flash button in the WYSIWYG editor

and select corresponding  flash file from your computer

Please note that the maximum file size is 3 MB


To upload other media files which are stored locally on your computer, please click on Create Link and go to Upload File. See How to link to a file for more details


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