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Ukash is designed to enable customers to use their banknotes and coins to pay for goods over the internet.  Using a 19 digit ready-to-spend PIN code, customers can purchase goods from your Swifty store in a secure and convenient environment. Ukash vouchers are issued at locations around the world such as corner shops, petrol stations, newsagents, kiosks, ATMs and online from many popular e-wallets.

•    Ukash is widely available in-store, online and direct to mobile.
•    It is regulated by the FSA as an Electronic Money Institution.
•    Ukash patented technology is proven and scalable.
•    It works with leading retailers, payment networks, PSPs, and merchants around the world.
•    The global market for loading cash is growing rapidly.

Consumers use the secure 19-digit Ukash PIN to shop online and because it’s prepaid the payment is accepted instantly.

If you would like to process payments with Ukash on your shop, please complete
 the Ukash Partner KYC v2 6 E-commerce only.doc and then create a new case here on the Customer Success Centre, attaching the completed form, to let us know.

Once you have submitted the form above to the Greenlight Power support team, please follow the steps from the How to setup Ukash Payment Method Knowledgebase Article to start using this payment method on your Swifty online shop.

Looking for more information?

Contact Ukash on: http://www.ukash.com


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