How to point an already registered Domain to our Swifty platform


As soon as you have associated your domain name with your Greenlight Power Swifty shop account (step 1 in the Can I use an already registered Domain name for my site? article), you will need to point the domain name to Greenlight Power.

Method 1 - Please update domain web address (using the same ISP/company which registered the domain) to 


This is the easiest and the fastest way to point already registered domain to Greenlight Power.  Most of the ISP provide you with an access to a Control Panel where you can update domain name web address (also known as IP address or A record) directly.

Important Note:

Please do not confuse IP change with IP redirection. If you redirect your IP address to  and try to access your shop on this domain, you'll get "Shop  is currently under construction. Please try again later." message.


Method 2 - Alternatively you can update name servers for domain name as specified below:

  • Nameserver 1: (IP address:
  • Nameserver 2: (IP address:
This method takes longer and varies depending on the ISP/company which registered domain on your behalf.

What is the Difference?

If you wish to keep emails to be managed by current ISP please either use Method 1 or change the name servers (Method 2) and then notify us through a case on the Greenlight Power Service Portal. If you select Method 2 and don't contact us, your emails will be managed by Greenlight Power.

Please see the following article for more information on how to set-up emails managed by Greenlight Power: How do I set-up my email?

Please allow for 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate. Please see What are cached DNS records? for the additional information on this topic.


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