What is the size limit for the mailbox provided by PowaWEB?

FAQ: What is the size limit for the mailbox provided by PowaWEB?

We are not a fully-fledged email service provider, however PowaWeb does provide you with the ability to create your own email mailboxes for you to use to send and receive simple emails that you need to manage your online store such as your "Online enquiry form" emails and your order confirmation emails

The Mailbox limit is 100 MB, Once the size of the mailbox has reached 90% of the limit, you receive a "Mailbox quota warning" email.

If you use IMAP then you should free-up some mailbox space. To do this please delete old/unnecessary emails, and clear emails from the Sent and Trash folders.

Or if you have a POP3 mail account then just please untick the 'Leave a copy of messages on server' check box in your email client (or leave it ticked but then set the emails to be removed from the server after 7 days or so)

1. In your mail client go to Tools > Accounts

2. Select your account > Properties > Advanced tab

3. Untick the 'Leave a copy of messages on server' check box


 Alternatives to your 100MB Mailbox

  • If the above workarounds are not sufficient for your needs then you can configure a GMail account to send and receive your PowaWeb emails. This is free to set up and will mean that you can make use of all of the space that GMail offers so you are no longer limited to 100MB. For more details please see step 4 here:Configuring your Gmail account to retrieve mail from your PowaWEB mailbox


  • Alternatively you can use any paid email service provider (such as Office 365) with your PowaWeb emails, to do this you just need to make some changes to the settings in your DNS server, or if you registered your domain through your PowaWeb admin console then ask us and we can do this for you. Just raise a case with us on the Powa Service Portal for help with setting this up.


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