Who are Scurri?

FAQ: Who are Scurri?

Scurri is a delivery management platform designed specifically to address the needs of fast moving eCommerce merchants. The award winning software imports customers address and order details from the Swifty platform and automatically creates approved shipping labels for a wide variety of carriers. This automated process eliminates any double entry of your data, reducing the processing time required for dispatching shipments significantly and also reducing erroneous address data. powerful and customisable shipping rules allow users to pick the appropriate shipping service for their customers and makes shipping simple for merchants whether they are using one of many shipping carriers to deliver their product.

How does Scurri work?


Carrier integration out of the box

If you want to use your existing carriers, or start to use new ones, Scurri's sofware links direct to most main national and international carriers. This means you will no longer need to pay developers for integration each time you change, or spend hours exporting, formatting and importing orders into each of the carrier label generation systems. With new carriers coming on board all the time Scurri probably have all your providers covered and if not they will have them integrated soon.

Smart Carrier selection rules

Scurri's order automation rules are designed to eliminate repetitive manual processes when selecting the carrier and service for the packages you are sending. You simply set the rules once and the software does the rest. you can choose rules for orders of a certain value, a particular weight, or a particular destination (and many other reasons) in order to select your specific carrier and shipping service for that situation. Your rules will be applied to every shipment thereafter, freeing you and your team up to manage the parts of the business that really need your attention.

Generate all your shipping labels from a single printer

Instead of having a printer and PC setup for each of your parcel carriers, all you now need is a single printer and any PC or Mac with an up-to-date browser to manage your deliveries with Scurri. You don't need to learn how to deal with lots of different complicated label generation systems, just the simple, easy to use Scurri Software which was designed with simplicity in mind. You can print all the different labels you require with a click of a button using the one printer. It doesn't matter what type of printer you use, Scurri can support it.

Effective Reporting

Get meaningful reports showing the performance and cost of each carrier and their delivery performance and keep an eye on your delivery costs. you can drill into each carrier to get information on the service you've used over any time period.

Unified Tracking

You no longer need to access different tracking systems for different carriers. Scurri's unified tracking module grabs the latest status, and all the history of any consignment for your customers orders and gives that back to you where you need it, alongside all your orders shipping information.

Simple to Deploy

Scurri's software is cloud based and your data is encrypted, meaning its secure with the advantage that you can access it from anywhere, on all of the major browsers. Being browser based means the software, takes seconds to install, is quick to integrate and has minimal support and maintenance costs.

Contact Scurri to find out how to make your delivery process simple by emailing Scurri on sales@scurri.com or calling +44 3239 8972 or visit the Scurri website at http://www.scurri.co.uk.


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