How can I add the Secure Checkout Trust Logo to my site pages?

FAQ: How can I add the Secure Checkout Trust Logo to my site pages?

IMPORTANT NOTE 1- A shop must have 'Checkout via Secure Connection' enabled in order to display a Comodo Trust Logo. For more information about the checkout via secure connection please refer to Checkout via secure connection .

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 - The Comodo Trust Logo can only be displayed on the Shopping Cart Checkout Pages.


To add the Trust Logo to the checkout pages, you will need to do the following:

STEP 1 - Upload the Logo image to your site:

1.  Download your choice of Trust Logo image to your PC at Using one of the "Download Zip" links.

2. In the PowaWEB control panel go to Manage Website > Edit Website, and select the "Credit Card Details" page under the Shopping Cart

3. Switch to the Edit Page tab, drag a Text And Image page section to this page and place it under the 'Powered by' page section

4. Open the Text And Image section in edit mode using the Pencil icon and add the downloaded logo image

5. Follow the steps described in How to make content appear on all pages to make this page section shared. As an example, you can name this section "Trust Logo"

6. Save the changes and publish the site

STEP 2 - Configuring the Trust logo:

7. Go to your published site at https://[YOUR_SITE_SUBDOMAIN]
If you're not sure what you site subdomain is then go to Manage Settings > Manage Website Domains to find out the correct URL for your site
PLEASE NOTE: The URL should begin with "https://" and not "http://"
Once you've accessed your site using the right domain please find the Trust Logo image, right click on it and select the 'Copy Image URL' option. 

The URL should be something like thishttps://*[IMAGE_REF_CODE].gif

8. Open up the Installation Instructions Page for the logo that you chose in STEP 1:

Then enter the image URL from step 7 into the corresponding field on your Installation Instructions Page and click on the 'Load Image' button.
The URL should be something like thishttps://*[IMAGE_REF_CODE].gif
PLEASE NOTE: If your page asks you to select a TrustLogo® Type we suggest you choose "Secure Site Seal - For SSL Certificate holders".
PLEASE NOTE2: If your page asks you to select a Do you want your logo to float? we suggest you choose "Not Floating".

9. Back In the PowaWEB control panel go to Manage Website > Edit Website. Go to Credit Card Details page > Edit Page tab and open the "Trust Logo" page section (that you created in STEP 1 above) in edit mode.

10. Click on the View HTML button.
The HTML code will look similar to:  <img src="
[IMAGE_REF_CODE].gif" />.
Now, please add the  style="display:none" after the letters img,
For example your code should look something like this: <img style="display:none" src="
[IMAGE_REF_CODE].gif" />

11. If your Installation Instructions Page that you opened in step 8 above asks you to copy and paste some code EXACTLY before your </BODY> tab then you can add it here while in the HTML view mode.
To do this start a new line by pressing Enter and paste the 'Snippet 2' code provided in your 
Installation Instructions Page

PLEASE NOTE: Please check if the full image URL is specified in the code snippet provided by Comodo. If your image URL is too long, it will have been be cropped so you would need to edit the code snippet and specify the full URL by yourself.

12. Click Done to save the changes

13. You may want to add the "Trust Logo" page section to the rest of the checkout pages (Billing Details, Shipping Details, Payment Details, Order Confirmation) and customer account pages


STEP 3 - Add the final code snippet to the HEAD section of your site:

14. Go to Manage Website > Edit Webmaster Verification (see Working with the HEAD section for more info) and paste in Code Snippet 1 from your Installation Instructions Page :

Then to finish off just save your changes and publish your site.


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