How are the URLs for the website pages formed for eCommerce sites?

Reference: How are the URLs for the website pages formed for eCommerce sites?

Currently there are 2 format types for website URLs.

1. URLs which contain /engine/shop/

This format is applied to all websites created before 23rd of September 2010.

To remove /engine/shop/ from URLs for all site pages, please raise a case here on our Powa Community Portal and we will make required changes.

Please note, that changing the URL format for your online shop may impact your site’s position on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  For shops requesting this change we implement 301 redirect from the old URL format to the new URL format, which is best practice.

2. URLs which don't have /engine/shop/

This format is applied to all shops created after 23rd of September 2010.

Shortened URLs for the website pages are:

1) Information pages  -

2) Enquiry pages -

3) Category pages -

4) Brand pages -

5) Product pages -

6) Shopping Cart page -

7) Account pages - where page_name can be:  login, home, view/orders, edit, change, logout, forgot, register

8) Checkout pages(*) - , where page_name can be: billing-details, shipping-details, credit-card-details(**), payment-details, order-details

* - it will be 'https' if the 'Use secure connection (SSL) for all checkout steps' option is enabled for the shop. See Checkout via secure connection for more details.
** - secure connection is always used for this page

If the 'Enable search-engine friendly domain redirect' option is enabled, then URLs for pages (points 1-6) will contain instead of
See'Main domain' and search-engine friendly domain redirect for info about this option


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