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Setup how to accept payments from your customers. Take payments using PayPal, Barclaycard's ePDQ, Ukash or using an offline method of payment. Within the Swifty control panel you can setup up to 3 online payment methods and an unlimited number of offline payment methods.

Login to your Swifty site, go to Settings > Manage Payment Methods > Add Payment Method to add and configure a payment method.

'Name' is what your front end customers will see during the checkout on the Order summary page. Values in 'Online' and 'Payment Provider' columns will help you to define whether a payment method is online or offline.

If a payment method is marked as Activated, it means it is configured and can be used online (*). If a payment method is marked as Display to Customer, it means it will appear on the front end during the checkout.

* - For PayPal and ePDQ payment methods use the Validate Integration button to check whether the payment method is set up correctly.

Please bear in mind that PayPal Website Payment Pro/PayPal Payflow Pro solutions and Barclaycard's ePDQ payment method cannot be used on the site at a time.

PayPal Payment Method

Please take a look at the corresponding articles on how to setup PayPal payment method: PayPal Website Payment StandardPayPal Express CheckoutPayPal Website Payments ProHow to setup PayPal Payflow Pro.

Barclaycard's ePDQ Payment Method

Please take a look at the corresponding article on how to setup Barclaycard's ePDQ payment method: Configuring your Swifty store for your Barclaycard ePDQ Merchant Account

Ukash Payment Method

Please take a look at the corresponding articles on how to setup Ukash payment method: Take Payments Online: Ukash , How to setup Ukash Payment Method , How do Ukash refunds work?

Offline Payment Method

An offline payment method allows your customers to place an order via your website and make a payment offline afterwards.
Examples of offline payment methods are:

  • Pay by credit card over the phone
  • Pay by cheque or postal order
  • Pay bank transfer

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to offer Offline Payment methods as well as online payment method(s), be sure to check which payment method was used for orders received. It is your responsibility to provide instructions and obtain payment for goods/services ordered using an offline payment method.



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