Adding multiple images for a product

Knowledgebase Articles: Adding multiple images for a product

You can add up to 5 images to be displayed on your Product Details page.

1. To add product images go to Catalogue > Manage Products > select the Product to edit > Product Details > Product Images

2. To add an image, click on the image placeholder, this will launch the File Upload window

3. Select the file from your desktop to upload

4. Now repeat this process to add the remaining images.  Note: The image added to the first placeholder is always the default Product image, and is displayed as the thumbnail image on product lists and as the primary image on the Product Details page.

5. Click 'Done' to save your changes

All added images are now displayed on the Product Detail page.

Note: You can change the order of the product images by clicking on the arrows displayed between the images. To change or delete existing images, please click on the required image for the Edit Product Image window to be opened. In addition, the image can be deleted by dragging it to the Trash Bin.

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