How to import products from CSV or Excel spreadsheets

How-To: How to import products from CSV or Excel spreadsheets

Please use the following instructions how to import products from an Excel spreadsheet:

Step 1. Save Excel spreadsheet as CSV (coma separated value) file.

  1. Open Excel spreadsheet containing product data in Microsoft Excel
  2. Click on main menu item File -> Save As ...
  3. Click on Save as type combo box and select "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)" from the list.
  4. Enter File name and click Save button
A sample CSV file can be found here
Important note: a CSV file should be of the 'Unicode(UTF-8)' format.

To ensure your file is of a correct format, please do the following:

1. Open Microsoft Excel.

2. From the main menu, select Data > Import External Data > Import Data

3. In the 'Select Data Source' window, select the required .CSV file from you local file system and click 'Open'. The Import Wizard appears.

4. Select the 'Delimited' option and set File Origin as: 'Unicode(UTF-8)'. 

5. Click 'Next'

6. Tick the 'comma' check box. Note: this should be the only checkbox ticked.

7. Click Next.

8. Click 'Finish' to complete.

9. Click Save to save the file.

Step 2. Import product information from CSV file

1. Login to your Swifty platform site account at
2. Click on Catalogue -> Manage Products
3. Click on Import Products button.
4. Click on Browse ... button and select previously saved CVS file containg product data and click Upload.

5. Check that product information is displayed correctly in Quick Preview section and click Next to continue.

6. Select how product attributes and CSV product data correspond to each other. If your file is recognized as the Standard Swifty Product Import format, product attributes will be mapped automatically. To clear all selections, click on the 'Clear All Selections' button.

Click Next to continue.


If a non-required attribute has only a column name in the CSV/txt file, i.e. there is no correspondent product information specified, please do not map such attribute at this step.

Only SKU is required if you're updating your stock. SKU and Name are required if you're uploading new products. Other fields are optional and should be selected only in the case when corresponding product attribute should be added/updated.

7. Select product import settings and click 
Validate Product Import 

"Delete Products not found in CSV Product Data" - if selected, all products present in the Manage Products grid and not present in the CSV file will be deleted, products from the CSV file will be imported
"Skip Products found only in CSV Product Data" - if selected, all products present both in the Manage Products grid and CSV file will be updated, products present in the CSV file only will be ignored
"Update existing Products with CSV Product Data" - if selected, all products present both in the Manage Products grid and CSV file will be updated, products present in the CSV file only will be imported

Tip: if the CSV file contains both new and existing products, and you don't want to update existing products, you should untick 'Update existing Products with CSV Product Data' check box.

8. Review Validation Results and click Start Import to start import process.

If there are any validation warnings, the Download Warnings button will be active. Once the Download Warnings button is clicked,  you will be offered either to save or open the generated CSV file with warnings.

9. Click Done to finish importing product data.

Product Import & Brands Order

Product import works in the following way: when you upload products from the CSV/txt file, the system goes through the file from the first line to the last one, adding products in order.
Brand creation works in the following way: a newly created brand is added to the top of the list.
Therefore, a brand from the last line (in the CSV/txt file) will be added to the first position in the Manage Brands grid. So if you want brands to be displayed in alphabetical order after product import, you should arrange products in the CSV/txt file so that brands are displayed in reverse alphabetical order.

If you have already imported products and are not satisfied with the sort order of the brands, there are two options for you to change it:

1. Change the order of the products in the CSV and re-import them. But before doing this, you will need to delete all your products and brands from the Dashboard.
2. Change the order of the brands in the Manage Brands grid manually by using Move Up/Move Down buttons.

Tip: If you need to delete already imported product image(s), please enter a space in the corresponding column in the CSV file and check the 'Update existing Products with CSV Product Data' check box. A space will overwrite the existing product image(s) once the CSV import is complete.

Note: If you import product images from another shop hosted on Swifty, please make sure you use Swifty's default domain name (ending with in the image source URL in CSV file.


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