How to create a Website (Getting Started)


After you have registered and bought a subscription to Swifty, you can start creating your own online shop.

Following your account registration you will receive the Registration Confirmation email containing your username and password.

Following successful purchase of your subscription you will receive the email with instructions on how to start using the service.

To create and configure your shop, please do the following:

1. Go to If you have difficulties logging in (can't access the Login form), please check whether the browser you are using is in the list of the supported browsers for the  Dashboard: What browser do I need to work with PowaWEB control panel?

2. Enter your username and password (which you have specified during the registration process) in the Login form. Click the Login button to proceed. 
Note: if you have forgotten/lost your password, you can reset it and receive a new one by using Forgot Password form (click on the Forgot Password button).

3. As soon as you have logged in, the Setup Wizard is launched.
Important Note:
The Setup Wizard can't be skipped.  It must be completed in order for you to proceed to manage your shop account. Almost all settings specified during the creation process can be changed after the wizard is completed 

4. First step - 'Website Information'

Subdomain: Every shop is assigned to a subdomain, which will be used for checkout via secure connection (see Checkout via secure connection for more information about checkout via secure connection). This subdomain can also be used whilst you decide/register/apply your brand domains to your shop account.
Website Name: This is how your shop will be named. The shop name can be changed at any time. 
Currency: Select the currency you want your shop to operate with. The currency can be changed at any time.
Country: Select your shop country. The shop country can be changed at any time.

Language: Please see What languages are supported for more information.

5Second step - 'Online Payments'

"POWAPAY > Ukash": If selected, the Pay with Ukash payment method will be automatically created for your shop. This payment method can be modified later. See How to setup Ukash Payment Method

"I have a PayPal Business Account already": If you enter your PayPal Business account email here, the Pay by PayPal payment method will be automatically created for your shop.  This payment method can be modified/deleted later.
"I don't have a PayPal Business Account":  You can sign up for a PayPal Business account by clicking on the Sign Up for PayPal Business Account button. In this case you'll be able to access the PayPal site in a separate browser window.  You don't have to sign up for an account right away, this can be done later if needed. 
"I would like to setup Online Payments later" 
No payment methods will be automatically created in the shop.

6. Third step - 'Select Template'

To see all available templates please use the navigation buttons > and < . Select any template you like by clicking on it. You can also preview it before selecting using the Preview button. 
The template choice can be changed later.

7Fourth step - 'Create Website'

Please review the specified shop information and click on the Create Website button if you are ready to create your shop. Alternatively, click on the '<< Back' button in order to navigate to the required step to amend any information.

As soon as the Setup Wizard is complete, 2 email addresses associated with the subdomain are created automatically. You will receive an Email Access Details email with details on how to access your emails.

The following settings specified during the subscription and shop creation processes can be changed here:

Shop Password
Go to Change Password link in the top part of the Dashboard

Settings > Manage Website Domains
The subdomain can't be deleted from the shop or renamed, but you can register up to 2 new domains by clicking on the 'Register New Domain' button and/or add already registered domains by clicking on the 'Add Registered Domain' button.

Website Name 
Go to Website > Edit SEO Settings > Website Title field

Go to Catalogue > Edit Currency Settings

Shop Country, Language
Go to Settings > Edit Shopping Cart Setting

Please also see


Payment Methods

Go to Settings > Manage Payment Methods

Website Template
Website > Change Website Template

On how to use a bespoke design, please refer to the following KB article:Using a bespoke design template

Email Addresses
Settings > Manage Email Addresses


If you have any questions about managing your shop, you can click on the Support link displayed in the top part of the Dashboard and review the available knowledgebase articles or contact our Support Centre directly by submitting a ticket.


Store set-up task list can be found here: Store set-up task list


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