Can I take payment in a different currency

FAQ: Can I take payment in a different currency

You can display Product Prices in your selected currency and take payment in your selected currency.

To select your Price Display currency, login to your PowaWEB site, go to Manage Catalogue > Edit Currency Settings and assign the required currency

PayPal have information on the applicable fees for cross-border transaction, which can be found here:

With PayPal you can:

  • Accept payments directly in your selected currency.
  • Manage multiple currency payments using your current PayPal account.
Hold one currency balance and still accept payments in multiple currencies.

For more information about the Currency features available from PayPal, please click on the link below:


About Multi-Currency Price Display

At present, we do not offer a multi-currency Price Display functionality.  This does not stop your site taking payments in a different currency, it just means the currency conversion will occur with PayPal. 

We have spent considerable time looking at this as a feature. However, to offer real time spot currency information is a considerable financial investment that would seriously impact the monthly subscription price point.

We have reviewed where this is implemented on other systems and have discussed it's use with other shop owners. The overriding feedback is where this functionality is available the multi-currency facility does not offer accurate currency conversion to the customer and therefore, can deter a customer from completing a transaction. Generally, customers prefer to allow the currency conversion to take place with the payment service provider, which tends to offer more accurate conversion rates.


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