Attraqt Product Search: Changes to the Website Preview and Website Publish events

Knowledgebase Articles: Attraqt Product Search: Changes to the Website Preview and Website Publish events

Attraqt product search will replace the Swifty platform product search in the site preview once your site is previewed.

Attraqt product search will replace the Swifty product search on the front end once your site is published, regardless of the generic template version id. But if your template has the generic template version id < 9 , you won't be able to change default search settings and configure additional search filters until the template is upgraded. Please see Template Version Control for more information on the generic template version.   See also Attraqt Product Search.

All product data from a shop is posted to 
Attraqt for indexing during the very first website preview and for every website publish event. All subsequent website previews trigger the submission of only amended product data which is taken from the change log maintained by the system.

Due to the nature of the described process, the very first website preview and every publish action may take some time to complete because all product data will not only be posted but also indexed by 
Attraqt. While the data indexing is in progress, a Swifty-loader icon is displayed.

A message ‘Updating search indexes…’ is displayed on the product search results, category/brand landing pages during a website preview if any product data has been updated since the last time an index update was run.

This solution has been introduced to make sure that the product search works accurately based on the latest product data updates that are only available after the website preview/publish request has been fully completed.

Please note that the performance of the website front end is not affected by the extended indexing/publishing process.

Only the products with both active 'Display Product Online' and 'Include Product in Search Results' options are sent to 
Attraqt for indexing, no matter what their stock value is.


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