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See also the Attraqt Product Search and Working with the Guided Navigation Settings page section articles. 

When setting up a filter for a numeric field such as Price or Weight, it needs to be defined as a Text type filter with a Single selection option. The options for this filter are defined as a list of intervals via Guided Navigation Settings.

The following validation rules are applied when defining the price/weight intervals:

1. At least one interval should be defined
2. For the first interval ‘From’ value is always 0
3. ‘To’ value must be greater than ‘From’
4. ‘From’ field value for all intervals, apart from the very first one, are auto-populated with the value from ‘To’ field taken from the previous interval
5. Only a positive numbers can be used when defining the intervals
6. Max field value is 10000000

Price/Weight filter is displayed on the front end with the intervals that have been configured in the Swifty platform Control Panel. If defined intervals do not cover all product prices/weights, it will result in that not all possible price/weight intervals will appear as a filter options for products returned on the search results page. For example, if the interval 50-100 is not defined, products with price 70 will still appear in the product list (if no filter by price has been applied yet).

When a customer filters by 0-10 or 10-20 price range, the product with price 10 will be found in both cases. 0-10 price interval will only appear if the products with prices lower than 10 are returned in the search results.

If products returned by a search results don't fit into any price intervals defined in the Control Panel, filter by Price will not appear on the front end.

Price intervals are displayed according to their definition in the Control Panel that is integers only with an appropriate currency symbol based on the shop settings. This is an exception to the rule defined for the price display on the front end.

Shop owner can change default currency and format of price to be shown on the published site via the "Edit Currency Settings" dialog.

Please note, product options may have their own prices that are added to the main product SKU price when the item is added to the basket. For search indexing purposes, only main product SKU prices get indexed and based on them products are included into appropriate Price intervals for Refinement by Price. For example: if a Shirt which costs £10 has an option list Colour (Red +£15, Blue +£14), this product will appear when customer has filtered by £10 - £20 price interval. Also if a customer then filters by colour: Blue, this product will stay in £10 - £20 price interval.

Please note, all changes must be published to take effect on your live site.


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