Error received when accepting an order: Error: 10606

Knowledgebase Articles: Error received when accepting an order: Error: 10606

If your shop has the Transaction Mode: Authorisation active, you must accept orders manually.

At the time you 'Accept' an order Swifty initiates a request to start the transfer of funds from your customer's account to your PayPal account.

If a customer has made the payment from their PayPal account and there are insufficient funds in the account the following error message is received:

"Server failed with error: com.venda.js.gwt.client.exception.server.PaymentRemoteException: Buyer cannot pay.. Transaction rejected, please contact the buyer. (Error:10606)"

Should you receive this error message, you must contact the customer and advise them to increase the funds in their PayPal account before you can successfully Accept the order in your Swifty platform Control Panel. 


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