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Each result found by search is given a percentage based upon how well it matches the user's search terms. This is governed by the search algorithm used for the “Best Match” criteria mentioned in the ‘How the Product Sort section works’ article. This means that results can be ordered according to their relevance, and less relevant results are placed lower down in the results list.

However, when sorting or balancing results, textually irrelevant results can end up being presented on the first page of results, which is often undesirable. To avoid this happening, the shop can be configured to ignore results that are below a certain percentage.

This also makes the number of results returned smaller, which can be less daunting to a user who would otherwise be presented with dozens or hundreds of pages of results to look through. Adding a threshold also gives a small improvement on the speed in which results are returned, as less data has to be returned.

To change the default Search Threshold value ( which is 80%):

1.    Login to your PowaWEB site, go to Website > Edit Website > Page Sections > Product Catalogue > Guided Navigation..
2.    Drag and drop the 'Guided Navigation..' section to a Category, Brand or Product Search Results pages
3.    Click on the ‘pencil’ icon to open the section in edit mode
4.    Enter a new value into the Search Threshold field (must be between 0 and 100%)
5.    Click ‘Done’ to save your changes

Please note, all changes must be published to take effect on your live site.

See also the Attraqt Product Search and Working with the Guided Navigation Settings page section articles. 


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