Product Data character limits and recommendations

Knowledgebase Articles: Product Data character limits and recommendations

Using the Product Import function is a quick and easy way to populate your product catalogue.  There are some guidelines you should adhere to, and some best practice so your content remains optimised for Search Engines.

Character limits

Product Name - The character limit for the Product Name is 255 characters including spaces.

Full Description and Short Description - The character limit for both the short description and full description fields is 64000 characters (including spaces). 

Search Engine Optimisation recommendations

As part of the automated Search Engine Optimisation, your Product Short Description is used to populate the Meta Description Data for Search Engines.  It is for this reason, that we recommend your product short description does not exceed 250 characters (including spaces).  This will ensure that the information displayed in search engines is accepted and is coherent.

If you are using the Import Product function, and have your data held in a CSV file you can run a formula in Microsoft Excel to see if any of your product short descriptions exceed 250 characters.

Use the following formula:


Where A1 is the cell containing your product short description.  The formula will calcuate the number of characters in the product short description.


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