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The recurring billing functionality is not supported within the Swifty eCommerce platform at the moment. But you can offer subscriptions or other recurring payments for items like magazine subscriptions or club memberships on your site, by means of using the “Subscribe” PayPal button on your site pages.

Two recurring payment solutions are available from PayPal: Basic and Advanced (

1.    Basic solution is free of charge. Customers must log in to PayPal to complete the payment.
2.    Advanced solution is $19.99 per month. This solution does require logging in to PayPal to complete the purchase.

Important Note: The above functionality will not have any effect on your products and orders. I.e. if a purchase has been made via the ‘Subscribe’ button, no order will be created in the Swifty platform control panel, no stock will be updated. Such orders can be processed in your PayPal account only.

To create and add a free “Subscribe” PayPal button to your site, please:

1.    Contact Paypal Merchant Services for instructions
2.    you will be provided with the button code.
3.    Select the code and save it somewhere (e.g. in Notepad)
4.    Login to your Swifty platform control panel and add the button code to the required page(s). See Adding HTML to a website page for the instructions on how  to add HTML to a website page.
5.    Publish the site for the changes to be applied online.


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