Inline editor's functionality

Reference: Inline editor's functionality

The inline editor (aka WYSIWYG editor) allows the Swifty platform control panel user to edit content. This editor is present in the Text and Image sections (incl. specific types of these sections, e.g. the Logo section), Full and Short Product Descriptions. 

There are 2 available modes in which content of a section can be viewed: editor and HTML modes. A user can switch between the modes by clicking on the 'View HTML'/'Back to Editor' button. If you're in the HTML mode, then the button's name is 'Back to Editor', if you're in the editor mode, the button's name is 'View HTML'. All WYSIWIG editor's controls are disabled in the HTML mode.

"View HTML" mode allows advanced users to edit raw HTML markup and make more sophisticated HTML formatting, insert css/javascript content.

Available functionality:

Use Content Template 
Remove Formatting

Paste from Word


Align Left 
Align Right 

Indent Right 
Indent Left

Insert Ordered List 
Insert Unordered List

Insert Table 
Insert Row After 
Insert Row Before 
Delete Row 
Insert Column After 
Insert Column Before 
Delete Column

Insert Horizontal Rule 
Insert Image 
Insert Flash 
Create Link 
Remove Link

Format (e.g. P, DIV, H1, H2, H3 etc ) 


Toggle Bold 
Toggle Italic 
Toggle Underline 
Toggle Strikethrough

Toggle Superscript 
Toggle Subscript 
Toggle Lower Case 
Toggle Upper Case

If formatting is applied to the content (when it is selected or cursor is placed), the corresponding button is highlighted as 'clicked' and/or the corresponding value is selected from the list (font family/size/colour, etc)


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