How to analyse drop out during the Checkout process

How-To: How to analyse drop out during the Checkout process

This can be done using Google Analytics.

1. Please ensure Google Analytics is integrated into your Swifty platform account.
2. Login to your Google Analytics account
3. Go to Analytics Account Profile settings and go to the Goals section

Guest Checkout Steps (i.e. If no Customer Account pages are included in your Website Map)

4. Click 'edit' for Goal 1
5. Ensure Goal is active, match type is set to HEAD, goal URL set to /engine/shop/checkout/order-details
6. Enter the following steps for the tunel :

6.1./engine/shop/cart (required)
6.2 /engine/shop/checkout/billing-details (required)
6.3 /engine/shop/checkout/shipping-details (optional)
6.4 /engine/shop/checkout/payment-details (required)
6.5 /engine/shop/checkout/credit-card-details (optional)

For Account Checkout Steps please setup an additional goal 

6.1./engine/shop/cart (required)
6.2 /engine/shop/account/login (required)
6.3 /engine/shop/checkout/billing-details (required)
6.4 /engine/shop/checkout/shipping-details (optional)
6.5 /engine/shop/checkout/payment-details (required)
6.6 /engine/shop/checkout/credit-card-details (optional)

We also recommend that you enable e-commerce integration in Analytics (in your Swifty platform account) which will also provide comprehensive sales reports. Important: Please make sure you've enabled E-Commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account.

Please note, that if your site's URL format doesn't contain /engine/shop/ , then you shouldn't specify /engine/shop/ at steps 5 and 6. Please see How are the URLs for the website pages formed for eCommerce sites? for more information about the URL formats.


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