How to exclude VAT value from product prices

How-To: How to exclude VAT value from product prices

If you have your products in the .csv file, then you can exclude VAT value by using Excel formulas.

1. Open the .csv file in Excel
2. Create a new column and name it "Price-VAT". In this example the VAT value is 17.5%
3. Place your cursor into the first cell of the new column and type =C2*0.825 and press Enter. 
 Instead of C2 you should specify the cell which contains the first product price in the corresponding "PriceNet" column. 0.825 was obtained from the expression: (100 - 17.5)/100, so for the new VAT value you will need to enter 0.80

4. New price has been calculated. 

If you have more than 2 decimal places in the new price, you can easily change this: right click on the cell and select Cell Format from the format menu, then choose the corresponding cell format and specify 2 decimal places.  

5. Now, you should apply the formula to all prices.

First, click on the first Price-VAT cell, move cursor to the right bottom corner until + appears.

Then drag the cell frame to the bottom.

New prices have been calculated for all products.

6. The last thing you should do is to save the changes to the .csv file and then import it for the changes to be applied to your catalogue. 

Please note, that during the product import, you will need to specify the new "Price-VAT" column instead of the "PriceNet".


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