How to add a Google Map to your site

How-To: How to add a Google Map to your site

1. Please go to
2. Find the map you would like to add to your site.
3. Above the map there are Print, Send and Link options. Click on the 'Link' link.

4. You will see the "Paste HTML to embed in website" text. Copy the HTML code available in the second input field.

5. After that please go to the Dashboard > Manage Website > Edit Website.
6. Select required page and add the copied HTML code to it. Please see the following KB article for more details on how to add HTML code to a page: Adding HTML to a website page

Tip: The code to be copied may be very long.  Highlight the code to be copied by placing your cursor at the beginning of the code, holding down the shift key, then press the 'End' key.  This will highlight all the code ready for you to copy (ctrl + c) and then paste (ctrl + v).


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